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Stay Safe in the Storm with Green Hybrid Habitats

Hurricane Proof Homes 

Our homes exceed FEMA's standards of a flood-resistant home to ensure your safety even in a category 5 hurricane.

Professionally engineered to withstand 200 mph winds. 

Our Design is Built to Last

Green Hybrid Habitat homes can withstand category 5 hurricanes with 200 mph winds due to their durable construction. Our homes have a copious amount of advantages over standard-built homes.  These homes are built to be energy-efficient, and eco-intelligent, with Covid-19 air purification systems.

Design Smart, Build Smart

Hurricanes are a concern in North and South Carolina, and we want to be sure that our homes are still standing after the disasters are over. Green House Habitat homes are hurricane-proof, tornado-resistant, and fire-resistant. Since the weather is a concern in our area, it is important that we are living in a home that we feel safe in. 

Hurricane Map

The increase in hurricanes and their magnitude has brought hurricane-proofing homes a top priority. 

Home buyers mistakenly believe that building a hurricane-proof home is extremely expensive, but we want our clients to not only be able to have a beautiful home, but one that they can trust will last in any storm.  

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