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Lakeside House

Next-Gen Residential Homes

Green Habitat Homes are niche homes of the future, here today. 

ECO-Intelligent Smart Home


     Green Hybrid Habitats is integrating green innovations and designs in the construction of our homes to optimize the health and well-being of the homebuyer. As our society becomes increasingly more environmentally conscious, the green building market is anticipated to be among the fastest-growing industries worldwide over the next decade. 


     Green building, or sustainable design, is an integrated process of creating and sustaining structures that are environmentally responsible. From installing an Energy Star Certified Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) and reclaimed wood countertops to a UV-C Whole Home Air Purification System, we are offering our clients a variety of environmentally friendly durable good options and alternatives. 


     Green Hybrid Habitats is equipping our homes with eco-intelligent smart technology to achieve the highest standards of sustainable practices. Integrated smart technology or home automation is a system of connecting appliances and electronic devices with wireless connectivity. 


    Home security, lighting, irrigation, air quality, and temperature control are among the most notable types of smart-connected devices. The Samsung SmartThings app is one example of a home monitoring system. The system links smart technology with a mobile device, allowing the homeowner to easily control, monitor, and secure all smart-connected devices in the residence from any location. 


     Green Hybrid Habitat is striving to achieve our goal of sustainable building and design by easing construction waste during construction, minimizing the impact of construction on the environment and human health, and finally, implementing a low-maintenance, low-energy, eco-smart and healthy living environment for the next generation of homeowners.


     We are members of LEED v4 and EEBA to create a sustainable and healthy next-gen residential home for you. 

                                   to start your home-building process today!

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